Kat & Matt » Blue Mountains Engagement Session

We recently photographed Kat & Matt in the Blue Mountains for their engagement portraits, ahead of their wedding later this year in Sydney.  Their shoot had already been rescheduled once due to wet weather, and the weather wasn’t looking cooperative again on this day but we all decided to go ahead anyway and we’re so glad we did – the moody clouds, wild wind and warm light breaking through made for the most dramatic, romantic backdrop we could have asked for. Kat was also a trooper and braved the wind chill in her beautiful Lover dress, keeping warm by snuggling up to Matt who would wrap his jacket around her.

Anthony & Chris » The Langham Sydney

We can’t say enough about this fun and stylish duo. On the morning of their wedding day, Anthony & Chris got ready together in a beautiful suite at The Langham hotel. One by one, their friends and family arrived and the living room of their suite quickly filled up with love and hugs. A quick celebratory champagne and they were off to Observatory Hill to be married, greeted by their beautiful pup, Floyd the Frenchie, who had been chauffeured to the ceremony to witness his dads tying the knot.
Sometimes in the middle of a wedding we have an out-of-body experience where, as total outsiders to close group of people, we can see just how much love and adoration is in the room.  We can quite confidently say that Anthony and Chris are two extremely loved individuals, and probably even more loved as a pair.